CNC Manufacturing Capabilities


CNC Milling

 We have experience working with a variety of metals including various grades of aluminium, steel, stainless steel and brass, as well as numerous types of plastics. If your material of choice is not listed, get in touch anyway. Thanks to the support we receive from our world leading suppliers, we’re able to quickly adapt to new materials  


Product Development

 To compliment our machining service Shore Machining offers CAD and design consulting services. From concept to completed product, we can help throughout the process. We often receive designs for low to mid volume production which aren’t optimized for machining. In such cases we will work with the customer to modify their design in ways that allow us to produce the part more efficiently and by extension at a lower cost to them. 


Manufacturing Services

CNC Milling

  • 3 Axis Machining
  • 3+2 and 4+1 Machining
  • Full 5 Machining

CO2 Laser

  • Non-Metal Cutting
  • Laser Etching

Secondary Operations

  • Blasting 
  • Tumbling